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Nib Noise is my monthly free e-newsletter. If you subscribed to Nib Noise any time from August 6, 2018, until January 2, 2019, but have not received any issues, please subscribe again. I created a bug in the subscription form, and all subscription requests from that period have disappeared into the void. I found the bug on January 2 and have fixed it.
Coffee Mugs, T-Shirts, Journals, & More, in our CafePress shop is your site for reference information, plus a few op-ed pieces, essays, and a little fiction — all of it about pens, of course. For sales or re­pair/cus­tom­i­zing ser­vices, visit Mike and Linda Ken­nedy at Indy-Pen-Dance. They are the best. I know because I trained them.

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