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Richard’s Pen Collection

My collection is a “teaching collection” whose contents span the range of technology, materials, and just plain “interesting-ness.”

Vintage American Fountain Pens

Fountain penMy collection focuses primarily, although not exclusively, on vintage American pens. The definition of “vintage” is somewhat arbitrary; for me, it is mostly some time around 1960 — but there are a few notable exceptions that were made later.

Vintage American Ballpoint Pens & Pencils

Ballpoint penI started out collecting fountain pens only, but when I consider the history of fountain pens, it turns out that ballpoints have been right in the thick of things — affecting the design and production of fountain pens — since the end of World War II. In most cases, my pencils are shown together with the fountain pens they match as parts of sets. Pencils that stand alone are in this section.

Other Fountain Pens

FountainThe United States of America has never held exclusive rights to manufacture fountain pens that are interesting or of high quality, or both. Although I started out to collect neither pens made in other countries nor modern American pens, I discovered that I do find some of these pens interesting enough that I want to own them.

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