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(This page revised July 28, 2022)

Nib Noise Banner

What’s It All About?

On the first of each month, I publish Nib Noise a free email newsletter. This is not spam; I will not send Nib Noise to you unless you subscribe, and I’ll stop sending it to you if you unsubscribe.

In addition to short articles about where the next pen show is and other items of interest, each issue of Nib Noise contains “Broad Strokes,” which is usually a new article that I’ve added to the Reference Pages section; a random entry from the Glossopedia; and (usually) a prescription from the Pen Doctor. I’m also currently republishing selected articles from the Extra Fine Points series of op-ed articles written by Don Fluckinger from 2002 to 2012.

Subscribe to Nib Noise Unsubscribe from Nib Noise
Subscribe to Nib Noise Unsubscribe from Nib Noise

If you are a subscriber and want to change your email address, please unsubscribe from your old address and then resubscribe at your new address. This will ensure that I do not lose track of the change.

The Nib Noise Archive

I have received many queries asking whether old issues of Nib Noise are available on line. Yes, they are. Except for the current month’s issue, the archive contains every monthly issue since Volume 1, Number 1, which appeared on April 1, 2002. Until April 2009, Nib Noise was distributed as plain text; from then on, it has been distributed in Rich Text format.

Visit the Archive

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