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x-height The height of ordinary minuscules. Of interest primarily to calligraphers as a reference in choosing nib sizes. The x-height is determined by the height of the meanline above the baseline and is frequently 58 the distance between the baseline and the head line. See also baseline, head line, majuscule, meanline, minuscule.
Character height vs. nib size } head line
X-Pen A capillary-filling pen with a hooded nib, sold by Waterman in the late 1950s; supposedly, it was Waterman’s attempt to compete with the Parker 61. Produced in a variety of models at various trim levels by Jif-Waterman of France, the X-Pen was the last pen sold by the U.S. Waterman company. Read a profile of the X-Pen here. See also filler, JiF.
Fountain pen

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