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Can You Help to Improve This Reference Section?

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I have researched the information in my reference pages to make it as accurate as possible; but because pen companies sometimes mixed and matched parts, and because catalogs didn’t always show every single variation of a product line or mention that a particular model or color had been withdrawn, I cannot be certain that my information is complete. I update these pages continually, as new information comes to light.

Do you have pens, photographs, adver­tise­ments, or any other material that could be used to enhance or correct this reference information? If you do, please consider allowing me to include your material. To get in touch with me about providing material, please send mail.

In your mail, please be specific about what you have. For example, if you have a pen that is different from my descriptions, please include the pen’s length when capped; if you have a striped Duofold in a color that I don’t show, please describe the color; if you have a Depression-era Sheaffer’s Balance with a double cap band, be sure to say so; and so on. The best possible way to provide new information about pen variations is to lend your pen or other item to me for examination and photography. The next best thing is a good scan or photo of the item. Please scan at 300 dpi (4x) or higher resolution, and please take digital photos at the highest resolution your camera supports.

I will be happy to acknowledge contributors and lenders when requested. All lent objects will be returned promptly by insured mail.

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