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Merlin Fountain Pen Colors

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Merlin fountain pens were made in Germany, apparently by a small family business. The company made parts, not complete pens; it exported the parts to a distributor in the Netherlands, who assembled the pens and sold them in the Dutch market. Eventually, the market for these pens dried up, and the Dutch distributor was left with the parts for more than 10,000 unsold pens. After his death, his widow sold something more than half of the parts to Andreas Lambrou and Keith Brown, who sold most of them on and used the profits to found Classic Pens Ltd in the 1990s.

In 2009, we purchased the parts for several hundred Merlin 33 and Merlina pens from Andreas Lambrou for resale. This page illustrates the 38 colors we found among these pens. In the lot we purchased, some colors appeared only on Merlin 33s, and some only on Merlinas — but this does not mean that a color we know only from one model was never made for the other. This is not a complete list; the Merlin 33 alone is known to have appeared in 56 colors.

Having no reference material available, we assigned our own color names. In some cases, we have used names that other companies used; e.g., Shell and Modern Stripe, which were used in the 1930s and 1940s, respectively, by Wahl.

Color Name

Black & Pearl Black & Pearl (Merlina)
Black Cherry Black Cherry (Merlin 33)
Blue Dawn Blue Dawn
Blue Shell Blue Shell (Merlin 33)
Bluestone Bluestone (Merlin 33)
Blue Striated Blue Striated (Merlin 33)
Blue Thunder Blue Thunder (Merlin 33)
Chopper Gray Chopper Gray (Merlina)
Chopper Rose Chopper Rose (Merlina)
Coconut Macaroon Coconut Macaroon (Merlina)
Coppr Copper
Crushed Emerald Crushed Emerald (Merlin 33)
Crushed Ruby Crushed Ruby (Merlin 33)
Crushed Sapphire Crushed Sapphire (Merlin 33)
Crushed Topaz Crushed Topaz (Merlin 33)
Golf Green Golf Green
Gray Flannel Gray Flannel
Gray Shell Gray Shell (Merlin 33)
Green Shell Green Shell (Merlin 33)
Green Striated Green Striated (Merlin 33)
Ice Floes Ice Floes (Merlin 33)
Indigo Horizon Indigo Horizon
Lavender Shell Lavender Shell (Merlin 33)
Leaf Green Leaf Green (Merlin 33)
Mauve Striated Mauve Striated (Merlin 33)
Modern Stripe Blue Modern Stripe Blue
Modern Stripe Burgundy Modern Stripe Burgundy (Merlin 33)
Modern Stripe Gray Modern Stripe Gray (Merlina)
Modern Stripe Green Modern Stripe Green
Modern Stripe Rose Modern Stripe Rose
Morocco Morocco (Merlin 33)
palmetto Palmetto
Rainforest Green Rainforest Green (Merlina)
Red Shell Red Shell (Merlin 33)
Shredded Brown Shredded Brown (Merlin 33)
Slashed Rose Slashed Rose
Storm Front Storm Front
Woodland Green Woodland Green

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