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Glossary of Paper Terms for Fountain Pen Users

(This page published September 1, 2004)

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eggshell finish This is when the surface of the paper resembles an eggshell, the paper being bulky and having a slight rough surface. Eggshell finish is accomplished by omitting the calender process in papermaking.
elephant A size of British writing paper 23" × 28".
embossed finish This is when a design has been impressed into the paper by metal rolls engraved with a design. Some embossed finishes will create obstacles for the nib of a fountain pen, but not all.
emperor A size of British writing paper 48" × 72".
esparto This is a grass that grows in North Africa and Southern Spain. It has been used for manufacturing cordage, carts, and shoes (espadrilles), and was used by the papermakers of Scotland and England. The fibers are short and not especially strong, but provided a good writing surface.
executive See monarch.

The information in this glossary is as accurate as possible, but you should not take it as absolutely authoritative or complete. If you have additions or corrections to this page, please consider sharing them with us to improve the accuracy of our information.

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