Glossary of Paper Terms for Fountain Pen Users

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This glossary by B. H. Bentzman is included here with the author’s kind permission.

I have attempted to collect words concerning paper that might be of use to fountain pen users; and, in an attempt to emulate other scholars, I have as often as not plagiarized from other glossaries. This is a living glossary and I will consider any new inclusions, or for that matter deletions.

machine-made paper This is paper made using a Fourdrinier machine. See Fourdrinier machine. handmade paper, mouldmade paper.
manila See abaca.
mitnan (also Negev) A native Israeli fiber related to mitsumata and gampi. It is used in Israel to produce a cream colored paper that is silky and lustrous.
mitsumata A shrub that grows in Japan and other Far Eastern countries. Its fibers are used to make a flexible and elastic paper that is soft, absorbent, and lustrous, but one that is not very durable.
monarch (also executive) A single sheet 714"×1012", usually intended for informal correspondence and folded into thirds.
monarch envelope An envelope 378"×712". See also monarch.
mould In papermaking, this is a wooden frame that is filled with a prescribed thickness of wet pulp, is covered with a laid or wove screen and removable deckle, and is allowed to drain and form a sheet of paper in handmade papermaking.
mouldmade paper This is paper that appears very much like handmade paper. Unlike handmade paper, mouldmade employs a cylinder-mould, which is a slow rotating machine invented in the 19th century. It replaced the vatman, coucher, and layer The pulp adheres to the metal screen of the cylinder, which places the wet fibers onto a felt that is pressed by roller to squeeze out the water. The paper is then dried by heated metal cylinders. Mouldmade paper produces two deckled edges, but the two remaining edges are often artificially deckled. See also deckle, handmade paper, machine-made paper.

The information in this glossary is as accurate as possible, but you should not take it as absolutely authoritative or complete. If you have additions or corrections to this page, please consider sharing them with us to improve the accuracy of our information.

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