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English-French-Japanese Lexicon

(This page revised August 28, 2017)

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Although I am not a polygot, I do understand some French. Since I spend time on the French version of eBay, I found it useful to compile this short lexicon of pen terms in English with their French equivalents. While I was at it, I added what I believe to be usable Japanese equivalents (kindly provided by Takayoshi Oda and Zenta Sato). This lexicon is far from complete, but I hope it will prove useful to you.

English / anglais French / français Japanese / Japanese

General Terms Termes généraux General Terms (ippan yogo)

14K 585, 585 ‰ 14K (jyu-yon kin)
18K 750, 750 ‰ 18K (jyu-hachi kin)
ballpoint pen stylo à bille, stylo-bille, pointe-bille Ballpoint pen (ball pen)
chased ciselé, guilloché Chased (namisima moyo)
chrome plated chromé Chrome plated (chrome mekki)
engraved gravé Engraved (nairi)
fountain pen stylo-plume, stylo à plume [usage courant: stylo (France, Belgique), plume (Suisse et Canada)] Fountain pen (man-nen-hitsu)
gold filled d’or, doublé or Gold filled (kin bari)
gold plated doré, plaqué or Gold plated (kin mekki)
ink encre Ink (ink)
mechanical pencil portemine, porte-mine Mechanical pencil (sharp pencil)
mint condition état neuf Mint condition (mishiyo)
original box boîte, écrin, coffret d’origine Original box (original box)
oversize surdimensionné, grand Oversize (tokudai)
to write écrire To write (kaku)
writer auteur, écrivain Writer (kakite)

Filling System Terms Termes relatifs au mode de remplissage Filling System Terms (ink kyu-nyu-hosiki yogo)

Aero-metric™ aérométrique Aerometric (atsu-ryoku siki)
button bouton Button (button)
cartridge cartouche Cartridge (cartridge)
converter convertisseur Converter (converter / kyu-nyu ki)
crescent croissant Crescent (crescent)
eyedropper pipette, compte-gouttes Eyedropper (inki-dome-shiki)
lever levier Lever (teko)

Nib Terms Termes relatifs à la plume Nib Terms (pensaki yogo)

nib plume, pointe de plume Nib (pen saki)
extra fine extra fine Extra gine (goku boso)
fine fine Fine (hoso)
medium moyenne Medium (cyu)
broad large Broad (futo)
stub, “stub” stub Stub (stub)
oblique oblique Oblique (oblique / keishya)
italic italique Italic (italic)
shorthand sténographie, sténo

Body Terms Termes relatifs au corps Body Terms (hontai yogo)

arrow flèche Arrow (ya)
band bague Band (obi gane)
barrel corps Barrel (jiku / ink sitsu)
brassed garniture or passée, usé/fané Broad (sin chyu sei)
cap capuchon, bouchon cap (cap)
clip agrafe Clip (clip)
discolored décoloré, défraîchi Discolored (hen-shyoku)
feed alimentation, conduit d’alimentation Feed (pen-shin)
plastic, resin matière plastique/résine Plastic (plastic)
posted (cap) enfiché (capuchon) Posted ([cap wo] kabusete)
rippled ondulé Rippled (hamon)
hard rubber ébonite, Ébonite™ Hard rubber (ebonite)
section section Section (kubi jiku)
shell (Parker “51” et al.) coque (sur le Parker “51” et modèles similaires) Shell (shell)
stainless steel acier inoxydable, inox Stainless steel (stainless)
striated strié, ligné Striated (yoko suji / yoko mizo)
trim, furniture garniture, attributs Trim (trim / fuchi)

Colors Couleurs Colors (iro)

black noir Black (kuro)
blue bleu Blue (ao)
brown brun Brown (chya)
gold doré Gold (kin)
gray gris Gray (hai)
green vert Green (midori)
maroon rouge foncé Maroon (ebi-chya / kuri)
pearl perle Pearl (shinju)
red rouge Red (aka)
silver argenté Silver (gin)
white blanc White (siro)
yellow jaune Yellow (ki)

The information in this article is as accurate as possible, but you should not take it as absolutely authoritative or complete. If you have additions or corrections to this page, please consider sharing them with us to improve the accuracy of our information.

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