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The Manhattan Pen Makers Project: Blakeney’s

By Ron Dutcher

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Blakeney’s (Thomas Blakeney)

Mr. Blakeney, son of Thomas and Catherine (Mildeberger) Blakeney, was born in New York City Jan. 12, 1796, near Trinity Church, and died in Brooklyn, N. Y., Nov. 7, 1877, at 271 South Fourth St., 13th Ward, of chronic bronchitis, which he had had for many years. He had been a resident of Brooklyn for twenty years and is buried in Greenwood, where a single stone marks the place of his burial and that of his wife. Mr. Blakeney married in Peekskill, NY, in 1818 to Lydia Amelia.


This article is part of the Manhattan Pen Makers Project, originated by Ron L. Dutcher. Except for typographical corrections, the text is as Ron published it. Ron wanted to include photos of advertisements or pens from each maker; he had some photos, but the gallery was far from complete. Photos here are a mixture of what Ron had and what I have been able to add from my own photo library. As with other reference articles on this site, you should not take this information as absolutely authoritative or complete.

© 2018 Ron L. Dutcher
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