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The Manhattan Pen Makers Project: H. S. Worth & Co.

By Ron Dutcher

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H. S. Worth & Co.

I have only seen a few of these pens. They were all late 1890s hard rubber eyedropper pens with gold filled bands. The nibs were simple, generic 14K “Warranted” nibs. The barrel has the “H. S. Worth & Co.” Imprint.

I haven’t found anything else about the company. I would speculate that this company was more of a jobber organization; probably acquiring the hard rubber parts from Day Rubber and buying nibs from Aikin Lambert, LeRoy Fairchild, John Foley, or one of the other large gold nib makers that supplied these jobbers.

This article is part of the Manhattan Pen Makers Project, originated by Ron L. Dutcher. Except for typographical corrections, the text is as Ron published it. Ron wanted to include photos of advertisements or pens from each maker; he had some photos, but the gallery was far from complete. Photos here are a mixture of what Ron had and what I have been able to add from my own photo library. As with other reference articles on this site, you should not take this information as absolutely authoritative or complete.

© 2018 Ron L. Dutcher
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