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The Manhattan Pen Makers Project: Lapham & Bogart

By Ron Dutcher

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Lapham & Bogart

These early pen makers manufactured some of the pens for Fancis Cashel Brown of Caw’s pens as well as their own over feed pen that they called “The Rival.” The pen was quite similar to Paul Wirt’s fountain pen and Wirt lost no time in successfully suing them for patent infringement immediately after suing Brown. I found a biography for Bogart’s son who took over the business in the Illustrated New York, International Publishing Co. 1888.

J. F. Bogart, Stylographic and Fountain Pens, No. 202 Broadway, a house manufacturing pens which are acknowledged to be unexcelled by any others now before the public, is the establishment of Mr. J. F. Bogart. The business of this concern was inaugurated seven years ago by Messrs. D.W. Lapham and F. H. Bogart, and was conducted under their joint control until 1887 when the present proprietor succeeded them in the ownership.

Mr. Bogart manufactures the improved stylographic pen, which fully maintains the reputation it has rightfully earned as being the simplest and most practical stylographic pen in the market, and which retails for from $1 to $4 each. He also makes the Rival Fountain Pen. The holder of this pen is of vulcanized rubber, and is fitted with the finest quality of diamond pointed gold shading pen of regular pattern, which, with proper care will last a lifetime. It is adjusted simply, but on scientific principles, the pen fitting in the center of the holder, the feed on top of the pen; and is without complication, having no springs or valves or delicate parts to get out of order, and does not require the services of a mechanical engineer to manage it. Russian leather and seal skin safety pencil pockets are also made specialties of and the goods are superior in every resepect.

For more information, see the entry for Lapham in the Glossopedia.

This article is part of the Manhattan Pen Makers Project, originated by Ron L. Dutcher. Except for typographical corrections, the text is as Ron published it. Ron wanted to include photos of advertisements or pens from each maker; he had some photos, but the gallery was far from complete. Photos here are a mixture of what Ron had and what I have been able to add from my own photo library. As with other reference articles on this site, you should not take this information as absolutely authoritative or complete.

© 2018 Ron L. Dutcher
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